Many people donate time to help others. Voluntaria points at ways you can use time spent online to help voluntary organizations.

Bringing volunteers and activities together - Enjoy the satisfaction of achieving something that is appreciated by others! Experience the pleasure of helping people without making them pay for it! Lay the basis of friendships that may last a lifetime!

  • One organization specializing in volunteer activities is Hearts and Minds.
  • Do you need help? Have you considered seeking help or helping others through mailing lists? If there are topics that you love to talk about or have special expertise in, why not join one or more of the mailing lists associated with the Optionality Network. See if one of your hobbies, favorite topics or activities is included!
The Thought behind Voluntarism - In many respects, volunteers share a state of mind that makes working together so good. It is important to reflect on the values and ideologies behind volunteer activities. Some interesting links are:
  • The Voluntaryist discusses voluntaryism as an ideology.
  • The article Voluntaria: beyond politics! in Optionality Magazine describes how Voluntaria stays away from ideology.
  • DonParagon's Vision of the Future describes how interrelations between people are moving beyond enforced compliance with laws and rules towards voluntary compliance with the principle of mutual agreement.
  • In Libertaria everybody is free and everything is free!
Free Stuff - On the Web, there are many pages with things that are free.
  • If you are looking for things that are free, the Free Stuff pages at the Optionality Network have many links to things that are free, as well as links to further sites with Free Stuff.
  • If you have something to offer for free, you can post a message at the Things For Free and free_services groups at Yahoo!
Donations - Unlike most charities, Voluntaria does not ask for financial contributions. Voluntaria is operated entirely by people who donate their time and resources for free, no strings attached! If you want to help, promote Voluntaria by getting other sites to link to this page and join one or more of the mailing lists. Voluntaria needs more experts and counsellors to participate in the mailing lists!

If you do want to support Voluntaria or other voluntary organizations financially, you can do so by organizing your shopping in the following way:

  • iGive helps you with online shopping and donates part of the money you spend to a charity or voluntary organization of your choice.

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